Considerations When Importing Cars from Japan into the UK


If you intend to import motor vehicles from Japan to the United Kingdom then you must follow all the necessary requirements that are both required from both countries. When you are planning to import Japanese used cars into UK then you must ensure the motor vehicles pass through inspection. Make sure the used cars pass through the Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) test to ascertain the vehicle is in good condition to be used in the United Kingdom public roads. There are certain standards set in United Kingdom that used cars must meet before allowed to be driven in the country public roads and so you should be keen when the cars are being inspected to ensure they meet United Kingdom’s requirements. Do consider a toyota alphard for sale.

Just like importation of other heavy machinery, ensure you have all the necessary documentation at the custom and clearance office. You must have with you documentation such as bill of landing, purchase invoice, original identification proof, traders unique reference number and others that act as proof of having purchase the vehicles legally. Before your imported cars are allowed into UK you will have to provide proof of these documents and so you should ensure you obtain all the necessary documents during purchase of the cars. If you purchase used cars then you should have documentation indicating how old the cars are since there are fixed age that UK allows for importation of used cars.

Foe every importation into the UK there are tax which you will have to pay for bringing the cars into the country. Get to know the amount of tax expected for importation of the cars either new or used since each will be taxed differently. To avoid a situation where you are unable to meet the tax requirements of your cars into UK, find out the exact rate of tax such as duty tax and VAT tax you will be expected to pay. This will ensure you a smooth importation of your cars without experiencing troubles with the customs office. You’ll want to make sure to work with a Premier car importer for a smooth experience.

If you intend import only used cars into the United Kingdom then you must test the vehicles depending on their age and fill the relevant form. These documents tend to give information about the age of the motor vehicles to determine the kind of test the vehicle is to undergo. Your imported vehicle needs to be road worthiness and meets the standards set for UK car imports so that they will be able to pass the compulsory inspection by the UK ministry of transport.